We’re passionate about keeping kids’ feet healthy

As a research team, we’ve been focusing on this topic in research, development, and consulting for over 15 years now.

One special area has been bothering us for a long time: children’s socks.
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  • Why are socks angled at the toe, pressing the toes together at the front?
  • Why are most kids’ socks too small and too tight?
  • Why hasn’t anyone developed socks that are the right shape for people’s feet?

So we went ahead and did it ourselves. We are happy to introduce plus12socks for children and adults!

A few words about our manufacturing and pricing philosophy

The plus12 has been manufactured in Germany since 2005. We’re glad to know that our product is made close to home – almost right on our doorstep – instead of thousands of kilometers away. The same goes for the plus12socks. Back in 2019, we completed the development and planning process, hired a knitting technician, and bought a knitting machine. Yes, it was a risk, but since then we are even happier to know that our plus12socks here are knitted right here in Austria (Vorarlberg) and that the plus12 measuring gauge is made in Germany. 😊

If you’re wondering why we only have 2 prices on the plus12socks for the time being, it’s quite simple: We like to keep things uncomplicated, and more importantly, we want our children’s socks – even if they are made in Austria – to be affordable for as many parents as possible. And we will stand by that principle as long as we possibly can.